Nearly all my work (combines) contain landscape images, places, environments that are realistic. The works also have sculptural and abstract components. The abstract feature of the Baptism series is the shape of the bow of a boat, my symbol for baptism. The figure is an “every person.” Each of us can experience initiatory rites that bring insight or awareness of the beauty and wonder of life. The landscape part of the painting represents a place on our spiritual journey. Each work is created from mixed media, primarily acrylic on wood panels. Sculptural elements are natural materials such as bone, wood, ivory, metal and found objects. All the materials are worked together in attempt to create a whole and a sense of ongoing ritual.
  • Guadalupe Baptism

    Guadalupe Baptism
  • Deer Stand Baptism

    Deer Stand Baptism
  • Bull Creek Baptism

    Bull Creek Baptism
  • South Fork Baptism

    South Fork Baptism